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Call Jim 860-916-2775 or email him

Sauna, Steam, Sweat Friday 11/21 6PM

Happy Healthy Hour 11/24 7PM

Vinyasa Yoga
Next Psychic / Wellness Fair is Sunday 1/25/15!

We would like to expand our offerings and are seeking
service providers (LMT's, reflexologists, energy healers, etc.)
~~ AND ~~
vendors (jewelry, clothing, gift items, books, etc.).

If you are interested, please EMAIL us.
Please pass the word along to those that might be interested!
Variety is good!
Please call Pat at 860-870-8962.

Our Events and Newest Members!
Sauna Steam Sweat and More! 
Friday, November 21st

Hosted by Jim Cowles, C4PT Director and Dr. Joe Medicine Horse 

Come & enjoy our sweat house! This event includes an evening of sauna / sweat, singing, drumming and an outside restful cool-down with relaxed music. 
We have some percussive instruments to share - please bring what you have. 
You supply the energy. 

Arrive 6 to 7:00pm. Starts 7:00pm.
Join us on Fridays for a sweat open to all.
Two or three rounds of sweating include steam temperatures up to 225 degrees, drumming and music making; special intentions are welcomed. Share your heart and spirit with others in this child friendly environment as we enjoy this cleansing exercise. 

No experience or musicianship is necessary to participate. Bring swim/sweat attire, sandals, robe, drinking water, drums or other sound makers.

Bring a dish to share for an after-the-swim buffet. 

Come & enjoy our beautiful terraced gardens in the warm weather and our lovely indoor fireplace in the cold weather! 

Utility share donation $10/person. 
Contact for info: Jim 860.916.2775

Monday, November 24th, 7PM

"Healthy Happy Hour" will be presented by world-class cyclist athlete Ian Ferrar of Greenwich, CT, and assisted by Linda Carberry and Vincent Errico. 

Attendees will be introduced to a transformational green superfood product line that:
• measures extremely high in vibrational energy, 
• detoxes at a deep cellular level, 
• causes a 5-20 pound weight loss in just 10 days, 
• breaks addictions to processed foods and 
• promotes physical/emotional/spiritual well-being while fasting. 
Join us and see why this company is experiencing 1700% growth, and how their products can help shape your future health destiny, and that of your clients. 

Also enjoy sample shots of the company's "Power Shake" green drink. 

Please RSVP to Linda Carberry, 860-368-8070.


Chakra Dance
Check calendar for current schedule!

Dance to Body Freeing Meditative Music Designed to Connect Imagination, Feelings, Intuition, Senses & Explore...

Yoga Studio at C4PT
192 Hartford Road Manchester, CT 06040

Meditation Classes Weekly

Tuesdays @ 7PM  with Tom Dest

Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner,
Certified Yuen Method™ Master,
Lightarian™ Reiki Master/Teacher

Is there something missing in your life?

Are you in pain? Suffering financial stress? Questions about your purpose in life? Difficulty in relationships? Problems with aging?

Energetic techniques can identify and eliminate underlying influences that are weakening your specific situation, and give you tools to shift it at quantum speed.

Experience the improvements energetic shifting makes in your life!

Introductory free sample session via phone

To schedule an appointment contact Terry at 860-531-8972
or email her.
Constance Jones - Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy (aka colonic, colon cleansing, colonic irrigation)
is the process of cleansing the colon through
safe, gentle infusions of warm, filtered water. 

I welcome you to my nurturing, serene, and safe environment, where your utmost privacy and sense of well being are always my greatest concern. Many of my clients leave their colon cleansing session commenting on what a wonderful experience they've had.

Please learn more at cleanmycolon.com.

About Connie:
Awarded the I-ACT Colon Hydrotherapist of the Year 2014, I am honored to be New England’s senior therapist. In practice since 1980, I have administered over 55,000 sessions in 35 years! I am certified at the Instructor Level with the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT) meetings the highest standards of certification through both I-ACT and the National Board for Colon HydroTherapy (NBCHT). I am also an Instructor Level Member of the Global Professional Association of Colon Therapists (GPACT).

Dr. Jon Ritz is my Supervising Physician (see drjonritz.com).

And here’s my current deal:

Special Introductory Deal: $100 for a colonic session (usual fee $126) -
Throughout the month of November.

Welcome to my new office located at the Center for Progressive Therapies: 192 Hartford Road, Manchester, CT.

Call/text 860.287.4558 or e-mail me at connie@cldeanmycolon.com.

Thanksgiving Day
Manchester Road Race

Manchester Road race - Thanksgiving at 10 am. 
We want you to run with us so get registered & see us in the Library at 9:30 or at the 60 minute area before the start. This will be a jog not a run for some of us. 
Saturday December 6th

Explore Your Energetic Gifts with Chakradance 10:30 AM at C4PT. 

Complimentary Dance experience for energetic alignment.
Participants receive the gift of the three EEEs: Exercise- Energize - Enlighten yourself to music that delights the soul.

860 836-6665, to register

The Gift of Hyperbaric Oxygen at 12:30 pm at C4PT.

Complimentary oxygen sessions require your own mask but the use is without cost & we have masks for sale. The blue bullet of Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps us to heal at a faster & more completely due to the aid of smaller molecules. 

860 649-9600, to register

Holiday Party at C4PT
6 PM
Saturday December 20th

Our annual fun event includes a warm welcome, Live Music, Pot Luck Buffet, Story Time, Caroling, Wine tasting & Christmas Puppet Presentation. This tradition has been ongoing at our facility since 2003 & folks often show up in their holiday dress!
There is also the C4PT elf.
Center for Progressive Therapies
192 Hartford Road
Manchester Ct 06040
860 649-9600, to register

Wednesdays in October 8, 15, 22, 29
Hyperbaric Oxygen Club Membership

$35 for the initial workup and experience
$30 per 1.25 hr session 
$25 per 1.25 hr session plus oxygen mask.

Informative links:
Please call Jim Cowles at 860 649 9600,

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Club Manager
Vinyasa Yoga
with Alyssa

Coming 12/1!

This class teaches the flowing practice which connects movement and breath with poses synchronized to the inhale and exhale. An accessible, all levels class gives each individual opportunity to amp it up or slow it down. Build some heat, increase body strength, flexibility, and balance all while relaxing the mind and opening the heart.

We are starting at the Center Mondays at 6 pm on December 1st in the Yoga studio at 192 Hartford Road, Manchester.

860 649 9600

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